CCD Radio : BeeHuman Podcast!


  • “Bee Hunting” – a love story, Chris Harvey with Eric Feinstein
  • “Body of the Hive” (excerpt) Ryder Cooley
  • Bee Stories: Sara Jaffe and Kristen
  • “Picnic” EE Miller
  • Dan Conlon from Warm Colors Apiary
  • “Billy Bee Song” Anonymous
  • Conversations with Technopia
  • ground nesting bee


  • “Buzzwords” -chakpu hive text, Chris Harvey with Jesse Stiles
  • Mirah and Spectratone International SHARE THIS PLACE
  • Leo Tolstoy’s bees
  • Janet Frame (Daughter Buffalo, “An Epidemic”, Snowman, Snowman”
  • Virgil Georgics read by Bernadine Mellis and Andrea Lawlor
  • Sounds: Stephanie Loveless, P. Grandsard
  • “Mary Celeste” a poem by Erin Forrest

CCD#2 : Supersister!

CCD Radio Show #2 : Supersisters
Part 1

For Me To Say, Frida Hyvomen, from Esopus #8: Spam
EE on Queens and Drones
Femme, Isabelle Massu
Dan Conlon of Warm Colors Apiary
Queen-King, remix by EE Miller
Dan Conlon
Ear trumpet bee
Mirah and Spectratone International from Share This Place
Bee Story, Jeremy Sachs
Reproductive Visions with Ryder and XJ
Children of the Lost Criterion by Miranda Mellis,
Technopia-on romance and reproduction

Part 2

Loretta Ross, on Sister Song and reproductive justice
Dorothy Roberts Lecture, excerpted from Women’s Intnl News Gathering Service
Sister Donor, interview with Dara Greenwald by EE Miller