About the Project

foragerthe belbos, Sisters of St Joseph Convent

Artplant Research Presents: Colony Collapse Disorder Series

Ryder Cooley and EE Miller have collaboratively created a radio series resonating around
a mysterious bee condition called Colony Collapse Disorder, wherein honeybees are disappearing and leaving empty hives. The show focuses on the perpetual buzz between human and bee creatures. Themes related to the lives of bees are used as a lens for looking at conditions in the world.

This radio series traverses the buzzing and despair of multiple
displacements and increasingly hazardous environments. As buzz facilitators we are foraging for nectars and locating the necessary visions and tools for imagining a sustainable hive. Through Colony Collapse Disorder radio broadcasting we hope to initiate the collapse and regeneration of new language systems by creating an ever shifting body of expressions to accompany our future Artplant swarms

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Artplant Research Broadcastings
ARTPLANT is a gathering of dreams, visions and resources. Through ARTPLANT we begin to establish time and space to imagine and build mutually supportive and sustainable life art communities. Through gatherings and projects we share ideas for practicing equitable,oppression-resistanting permaculture, shared resources and the cultivation of fruitful collective processes.



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