CCD Radio : BeeHuman Podcast!


  • “Bee Hunting” – a love story, Chris Harvey with Eric Feinstein
  • “Body of the Hive” (excerpt) Ryder Cooley
  • Bee Stories: Sara Jaffe and Kristen
  • “Picnic” EE Miller
  • Dan Conlon from Warm Colors Apiary
  • “Billy Bee Song” Anonymous
  • Conversations with Technopia
  • ground nesting bee


  • “Buzzwords” -chakpu hive text, Chris Harvey with Jesse Stiles
  • Mirah and Spectratone International SHARE THIS PLACE
  • Leo Tolstoy’s bees
  • Janet Frame (Daughter Buffalo, “An Epidemic”, Snowman, Snowman”
  • Virgil Georgics read by Bernadine Mellis and Andrea Lawlor
  • Sounds: Stephanie Loveless, P. Grandsard
  • “Mary Celeste” a poem by Erin Forrest

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