CCD Radio Series : call for submission

Colony Collapse Disorder Radio Series

Ryder Cooley and EE Miller are launching a radio series resonating around
a mysterious bee condition called Colony Collapse Disorder, wherein honeybees are disappearing and leaving empty hives. The show will focus on humans and bees, using The Bees as a lens for looking at conditions in the world. We ask you to create recorded sound expressions, 2-13 minutes in length, which we will integrate into our bi-monthly broacastings on WRPI. Broadcasts will begin in January, 2008 and will be available as podcasts.

1.uncompressed digital files: wav or aiff
2. mp3’s: minimum of 128kbps, 44.1 sample rate
3. Audio CD’s
4 if you have other formats that you’d like to contribute, please
email us to discuss

(extensions may be possible upon request)

music, spoken word, essay, poetry, reportage, archival recordings, found
sound, interviews, field recordings, sound arts, fictions, free form conversations. If you want to contribute, please contact us to discuss and confirm your submission ideas. If you’re interested in participating in another way (writing, calling in, etc) please let us know.

Please cater your recordings to fit one of our seven themes listed below.
We invite commentary about current events & politics as well as topics of historical relevance in a variety of possible forms from journalism to fiction. Please engage with any of these concepts, created by human observations, and projections onto, bee culture.

show 1.FOLKLORE OF THE BEES : mythological origins, human and bee
relations, oral and ancestral histories
suggested TOPICS: interactions in myth, lore, and histories. Interspecial
projections. “telling the bees”

show 2. Labor part 1 : SUPERSISTERS worker bees do not breed; they raise their sisters suggested TOPICS: social structure/reproduction, domestic labor,
alternative forms of reproduction and child nurturing, foulbrood, good queen / bad queen, democracies/collectives, monarchies/matriarchies.

show 3. Labor part 2 SUPERSTRUCTURES
suggested TOPICS: division of labor & labor relations, (re)distribution
of wealth, welfare (drones on welfare), labor and gender, work conditions.

show 4 FOREIGN INVADERS part 1: viruses and mites, facing devastation.
suggested TOPICS: Fear Mongering, bio-terrorism, Homeland Security,
environmental terrorism/destruction, living w/our own mistakes, internal invaders, natural/ invasive medicine, native/invasive plants

show 5 FOREIGN INVADERS part 2 Racialization : “Africanized” “killer” bees
suggested TOPICS invisible whiteness, racism, undoing racism.
Isolationism, gated communities, profiling and prisons.

show 6 SUPERSEDURE: natural, emergency or induced queen replacement.
suggested TOPICS revolution, rejecting leaders choosing new ones,capping and uncapping, elections/selections, coups’de tat, insurgencies, mutiny, uprisings.

show 7 SWARM: leaving the hive to create a new one. suggested TOPICS utopias, queer configurations, art-based decision making procedures, anarchy, artful actions and activist art.

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Artplant Research Broadcastings
We are launching this radio series as a new phase of Artplant research.
ARTPLANT is a gathering of dreams, visions and resources. Through ARTPLANT we begin to establish time and space to imagine and build mutually supportive and sustainable life art communities. Through gatherings and projects we share ideas for practicing equitable,oppression-resistanting permaculture, shared resources and the cultivation of fruitful collective processes. For more information about Artplant please contact EE Miller:

This radio series will traverse the buzzing and despair of multiple
displacements and increasingly hazardous environments. As buzz facilitators we are foraging for nectars and locating the necessary visions and tools for imagining a sustainable hive. Through Colony Collapse Disorder radio broadcasting we hope to initiate the collapse and regeneration of new language systems by creating an ever shifting body of expressions to accompany our future Artplant swarms.

FOR MOR INFORMATION visit or email us
EE Miller (
Ryder Cooley (

Ryder Cooley
c/o RPI Art Department
110 8th Street, West Hall
Troy, NY 12180


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